From the West Coast to the East Coast

November 16, 2014

Journey Across Singapore

It seemed like a grand idea at the time to bike across the country and back. With Singapore being so small, it seemed like it would be an easy trip. However, that was a false assumption. I underestimated the size of Singapore. Just because it is such a “small” country does not mean biking across it would be swift. The journey itself was 114 km long, and took about 17 hours. My friend and I began our trip at 9:30 AM only to reach Changi Village by about 7:00 PM. From there we returned back to Jurong West by 2:00 AM. This was not a trip to be taken in a straight shot, but we took several stops along the way and enjoyed delicious seafood!


“The Beginning”

We cruised along the west coast and through the city. Prior to arriving at Harbour Front we came across Har Paw Vill (a theme park). There we spent the time go through the theme park seeing and learning about the Chinese folklore: the 10 Courts of Hell. This place struck close to home as I was noticed that it reminded me of my favorite TV show that depicted the journey of a monk, Monkey God (Sai Ew), a River Demon and Pigsy. After the short visit we continued to Gardens by the Bay where we enjoyed some black and white carrot cake (Super delicious!!!).

IMG_20141115_114527  20141115_141103  20141115_134332

“Lunch at Gardens by the Bay and by MBS”

After lunch we continued our journey towards the East Coast Park. We cruised through Gardens by the Bay and around Marina Barrage. Once passed we took a quick detour to see the Singapore’s newly constructed National Stadium.

IMG_20141115_221655  National Stadium

“The Night View on the Journey Back and National Stadium”

Our last two stops was at the East Coast Park. There we enjoyed a quick dip in the ocean and a seafood meal. Afterwards we continued our way across towards Changi Village. Along the way we had to go along the run way of the Changi Airport. During that ride, it felt SO endless. The path never seemed to be ending. On top of that, it started to poor. I was instantly drenched. Even though I had brought a poncho, I was not fast enough to bring it out and shield me from the heavy rain. Regardless, no weather was going to stop me from reaching the village!

20141115_151931_HDR  IMG_20141115_155634   20141115_160752

“The East Coast Beach and BBQ Stingray!”


“Final Destination”

 I literally had no idea how on earth I managed to back that long. I have never biked that much before, especially in one day. It seemed so unreal. Physically I was exhausted, and it seemed that I was mindlessly pedaling away, waiting to return back to my soft bed. Regardless of the long exhausting and rainy trip, this trip was well worth it. It was amazing to go through the different cities of Singapore. There is such a variety of class in each region of Singapore and each had its own different types of architecture (skyscrapers, colonial typed buildings, small HDBs, condos, houses, and etc.). Furthermore there is much distinction, in terms of beauty, between the West, South and East parts of Singapore. The East part of Singapore is by far the prettier side of Singapore. It had a nice green ocean and dozens of people were camping, biking, rollerblading and fishing all along the coast. It was such a chill environment!


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