A Weekend Trip to Langkawi, Malaysia


“View from the Cable Car”

October 30, 2014

Before Langkawi

The weekend after returning from Thailand, my friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Langkawi, Malaysia: the island of the reddish brown eagles. Instead of flying straight to Langkawi, my friends and I decided to take an alternative route: a bus ride to Kuala Lumpur followed by a flight to Langkawi. Due to our last minute planning, this was the cheapest means of travel. Although it was exhausting and time consuming, it was still worth it. We traveled to Kuala Lumpur during the night, enjoying the time to get to know each other more and sleep. Once we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, at the town senter, we were very fortunate to be guided by a local who helped and paid for our cab fare to KL Sentral. Shout out to that stranger! It is a blessing and an amazing feeling to know that there are still people out there who are willing to help out complete strangers. From KL Sentral we made way to KLIA 2 where we were to be flown out to Langkawi that morning!

IMG_20141031_050410  20141031_064719

“The Adventurers”

October 31, 201

Let the Journey Begin

After arriving in Langkawi, we proceeded straight to renting a car and beginning our island exploration. Langkawi is best explored by renting a car or a motorbike. There is not much public transportation around the island. Anyways, it felt nice to drive again since it has been about 4 months since I have driven. However, I had a rough start to driving the manual since I was not used to being on the other side of the vehicle while driving. It felt different for me, but definitely manageable if taken slowly. For the first day we spent most of the afternoon enjoying the view from the cable car. From above we can see various islands around Langkawi as well as the clouds as it approached the bay. It was absolutely breathtaking. So GORGEOUS.

20141031_132949   Langkawi

“View from the Cable Car and Selfie”

Later that evening, we took the time to relax at the Cenang Beach. It was very convenient to get to as it was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel. The sea was calm and refreshing. It felt nice to simply sit in the ocean and enjoy the sun slowly descend behind the distant islands and the sky transform into various shades of orange before becoming dark. I love sunsets.

Car  IMG_20141031_221502

“Our cute little car and the sunset at Cenang Beach (Courtesy of Tendy)”


“Breakfast Group Pic”

November 1, 2014


“View from the Bay”

The next morning the day with island hopping. Our first stop was at Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. There we took a quick stroll to the fresh water lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting (also known as the Lake of the Pregnant Made). Along the way we encountered several monkeys. Afterwards we journeyed out to another island where we were able to see eagles. These eagles flew swiftly and valiantly in the wild, occasionally swooping down to catch fish. It is crazy how swift eagles can change its direction mid flight. If you listen carefully you were able to hear the sound of the eagle diving down into the water before snatching away at the helpless fish. The island hopping ending with a trip to a beach…unlucky for us it started to poor, so we were forced to take shelter under a bridge as we waited for it to subside.

20141101_104257  IMG_20141101_140051  

“Dayang Bunting Marble and Eagle Watching”

After getting back to the hotel, we were informed by the manager that our trip to the mangroves was cancelled due to the harsh weather. However, that did not stop us and thanks to our talented and skilled driver, Tendy, we were able to make it to the mangroves on our own to see for ourselves. Upon arrival we discovered that it was still possible to do the mangroves tour (the 2 hour package). At first the price of the package seemed overpriced since it was a private tour for the 3 of us. However, thanks to Tendy’s quick thinking and persuasion, he was able to convince 5 other tourists to join us. This drove down the cost and allowed us to participate in the full 2 hour mangrove tour. Seriously Tendy, a shout out to you bro! You have shown and demonstrated to me that if one truly wants to do something, there is literally NOTHING that can stop you from getting it. You just have to be super motivated to it. Thank you for that.

The mangroves tour started off with our visit to the bat cave. It was pitch black, and bats covered the caves. Dozens hung quietly upside down and could be seen from the above. Sounds of water drops echoed throughout the stalagmite covered cave.

20141101_154524  IMG_20141101_155128

“Peek-a-boo from the bat cave”

 At the next stop we went to see the “crocodile” cave. This did not mean that the waters were infested with crocs or let alone a cave full of crocs…It was a cave that looked like a crocodile’s head that pops out of the water. See if you can make sense of the picture below:


“The crocodile cave”

Afterwards, we took a quick stop at the fish farm. At the farm we had the opportunity to see all the different fish. These consisted of snappers, groupers, stingrays, prawns and even a lion fish! The local there were very generous. He was feeding them to show how active and aggressive the fish can be. The snappers were swift and vicious as it attacked the pieces of fish with great speed. Also the fish farmer took the time to hand feed the stingrays and made sure that we got to see it’s venomous sharp tail. Anyways it’s interesting that the fish here on the farm were fed other fish…

Fish eating fish  Groupers

“Gill, Flo and friends. Groupers staring blankly at the camera”

Singray    Lion Fish

“Stingray, Lion Fish”

All along the boat ride through the Kilim Geoforest Park, we enjoyed a nice scenery of islands that surrounded us as well as the beautiful mangroves. These trees have roots that grow upwards instead of downwards. This enabled the trees to survive while being submerged by water. At the end of the trip we went out to the Andaman sea where we were out in the open. We were able to see a part of Thailand in the distant! I felt so close to home and at peace just being out in the middle ocean where all you could feel was the gentle rocking of the waves and the gentle breeze.

20141101_171354   20141101_162914

“Out in the Andaman Sea and Mangroves in Kilim”

After the tour, we headed to Eagle Square where we were able to see the Langkawi’s monument of the giant reddish brown eagle. The 12 meter tall eagle stood at the bay, and looked as if it was getting ready to take off! The eagle is what resembles Langkawi. Next my friends attended the night market in Kuah. There we were able to have some delicious lamb bbq, fish balls and nasi goreng (fried rice). It was much food for a cheap price!

20141101_200237  20141101_181330_HDR  IMG_20141101_182442

“Got Our Vegetarian Friend to try Lamb and Tourist pictures”

It was a great pleasure to travel with such amazing people. Thank you for making this short trip very memorable one!


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