Thai Food and Family Time

October 22 – 26, 2014


Having grown up so far away from you guys, only being able to see you once a year, and sometimes even lesser, I felt so distant from you guys. Yet, every time I do come to Thailand, you guys never cease to amaze me. Despite living so far, having large age gaps, and your busy lives, you still make time for me. It means a whole lot to me that you take the time to come see and spend time with me. Even if it is for a brief visit, over dinner or a movie, you still come all the way out. It means so much to me that you guys do that. It not only makes me feel important, but as part of a family (even though I have missed out on growing up with you guys). You guys are the best…REALLY.

Cousins   1414080827544

“My lovely cousins, mother, aunties, and uncles”

You have taught me what it means to be a family and shown that it does not matter how often we see each other. What matters is the time you take to cherish every moment with the ones you love. I am grateful and glad to be able to call you guys my family. I love you all and I’ll see you all again shortly!


“The BEST Twins and the new additional to the family! So adorable. Oh and my awesome grandma”

    Some More Food Pictures

Aside from the family that I so much love in Thailand, I love Thailand for the food. It is all I do when I visit Bangkok. I just eat, eat, eat and…SLEEP. When I am in Thailand, from the moment I wake up I do not stop eating until I come home to the comfortable bed. There’s nothing more I enjoy here in Thailand than Food and Family. I am a “Gastronome” – (Courtesy of Logan Yamamoto)

20141024_213535 20141024_160223 20141024_154023

“Ga Praww Pla, Fresh Water Prawns and Taro Bowl”


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