A Kid Again…

September 14, 2014

A day at the Singapore Zoo

DSC00301 DSC00510

The White Faced Saki and Zoo Adventurers

Singapore’s zoo is by far the best one I have been to. Not only does it have dozens of exotic animals, but it also has a “rainforest” feel to it as well. Much vegetation surrounded the trails, making my adventure seem like I was going through the jungle. Also monkeys could be seen from above swinging from one branch to the other while holding onto its offspring, while colorful peacocks roamed the zoo freely. In some areas marsupials, such as the kangaroos and wallabies, hopped across the trail as it scavenged for food.

DSC00496   DSC00397

Adorable                                                                     Swinging Apes

The zoo is divided into various “regions” such as the Australian Outback, Wild Africa, Elephants of Asia, Primate Kingdom, and many more! Animals were placed in their respective homeland or amongst other species.

DSC00454    DSC00370

             Mandrill Not Amused                                  Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia: Baboons

Perhaps the greatest experience at the zoo was the elephant show. Elephants are such marvelous and intelligent animals. These mammals put on an incredible show where they would walk across a log, pretend to sleep, sweep the floor, and even steal food from its trainers (which I do not think is actually part of the show, but kudos to the elephants). The fact that the elephants are able to comprehend, bring about humor by teasing the trainers and remember the routine is mind-blowing. They are such AMAZING and TALENTED animals.

   DSC00361  DSC00356

         Hat for you Sir                                                     Spraying the Audience

             September 17, 2014

The Night Safari


The Explorers

This Night Safari was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Who would’ve thought going to the zoo at night would actually be fun. Often times you would think going to the zoo at night would be boring, however that was not the case…

Upon entering the night safari, my friends and I had the opportunity to see the “Thumbuakar Performance”. These pyromaniacs danced and blew flames as well as put out the torches in their mouths. It was quiet an experience to see professionals play with fire and remain at such close proximity to the heat for a long time.


Thumbuakar Performance

After the performance my friends and I went to the “Creatures of the Night Show” where various nocturnal creatures were brought upon the stage. The alpha male grey wolf and the spotted hyena took the spotlight at the plateau as the trainers introduced them. In addition to that Asian otters jumped out of the pond to pick up cans and recycle it into its appropriate bins!

DSC00619    DSC00631

Peek – a – Boo                                                             And She Scores

Rather than just walking throughout the safari, the Night Safari offers tram services. The tram took us throughout the safari, stopping at certain parts for the passengers to view the animals, and at other times waiting for Tapirs, deers and buffaloes to cross the trail. I could not help but comparing this experience to the scene from Jurassic Park when Dr. Alan and the others went on the expedition…minus the T-Rex and the goat offering.

Later on that night my friends an I ventured out onto various trails to see other nocturnal animals that the tram had missed. We had the opportunity to see Leopards, Tigers, and Spotted Hyenas run up and around its territory. While we were watching the Spotted Hyenas chasing one another. one stopped and stared at us dead in the eyes through the glass as its tongue was hanging out. Other Hyenas soon joined, pacing back and forth, as if looking for a way around the glass to come and eat us. Kind of a scary thought actually…don’t actually know what I would do if it did escape…  Aside from these nocturnal predators, my friends and I also journeyed into the Bat Cage. Huge bats flew through the air, some barely missing my head. Luckily these monstrous bats were Fruit Bats and did not have the intention (at least I think) of sucking out blood!


I’m a Bat, Chilling Upside Down


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