Off to Tioman Island, Malaysia

September 5 – 7, 2014

I remember clearly being asked to go to an island on September 1st, and four days later I was there. There was no hesitation whatsoever in my decision. Just an abrupt “YES”. It was perhaps the most spontaneous adventure I had ever done and most of all…I enjoyed every single moment of it.


My friends and I made the journey to the end Thursday night. We had taken a bus to get to get to Mersing, Malaysia where we embarked on the ferry towards ABC beach on Tioman Island.


Enjoying the moment

After our arrival to the island, my friends and I spent our early afternoon relaxing on the beach. Some sunbathed and slept, while others played beach volleyball and swam. The wind blew gently as the waves calmly splashed the shore. Everything was at rest: calm, relaxing and peaceful. It has been quiet sometime since I have felt this sensational feeling. 

Later that afternoon we journeyed to another beach on the eastern side of the island: Jurua Beach. Along the way we saw monitor lizards chilling in a pond, monkeys rummaging through the trash, and stopped at a Juara Turtle Project site where we learned about its objectives, protection and restoration of the sea turtles’ habitat and offspring. It is truly to sad to hear that these gentle creatures are slowly disappearing as a result of humanities’ carelessness and greed. The breeding grounds for these sea turtles have been reduced to only a couple areas along the coast. 


The Crew

Once we arrived at Jurua Beach, my friends and I went swimming once more. It was nothing I have seen in awhile. The ocean was blue, and the ground was visible. Many fish and plantation could be seen below as we swam further out into the ocean. After seeing other tourists on a kayak, my friend and I did as well. We paddled aimlessly along the coast, splashing other people along the way. At some point we had people on our kayaks as we paddled away towards a floating platform!

  Kayaking   DSC00243

         Kayaking                                                                Jurua Beach

snorkeling 1

Into the Big Blue

The next day my friends and I spent the day snorkeling at Coral Island and Salang. The moment you submerge yourself in the water, the world goes silent. Nothing except the sound of air filling your lungs and the voice in your head can be heard. It was like being in a whole different world. Corals covered the ocean floor while dozens of fish swam freely and swiftly around me. Some even nibbled on my hands as I remained still. For once in my life, I did not mind being out in the open water. There was no more “JAWS” theme song that had usually accompanied my thoughts as I entered the water. Rather I was stunned by ocean’s beauty. It was something worth seeing, and fear was no longer going to stop me. I dove below, admiring the corrals, anemones, sea cucumbers and other sea life up close. The scenery, for some odd childish reason, had reminded me of Shark Tales. I could not help but find myself compare the cartoon depiction of the ocean to reality. Regardless of the fantasies, the ocean’s beauty far exceeds my expectations. It is one of Earth’s greatest feature.


Snorkeling Team


Finding Nemo … and Friends                         The Big Blue           



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