Pulau Ubin

August 31, 2014


Pulau Ubin from Boardwalk

This is perhaps the best adventure in Singapore thus far. My friends and I spent the day at Pulau Ubin, an island off the coast of Singapore. It is one of the last villages left in Singapore that is not modernized. 

In order to get to Pulau Ubin, my friends and I traveled from the west region to the east coast of Singapore. Once there we took bumboats (S$5 round trip) across the water to get to the island, where we were bombarded by rain. Despite the weather, my friends and I proceeded to rent bikes (S$8 for the day) to ride around the island. (Side note, kudos to whoever came up with the idea to rent bikes to visitors. It is GENIUS!). Up and down the hill we zoomed, while taking stops to enjoy the scenery. I biked in through the rain, and splashed through every puddle along the way. By the end, my legs were covered in muddle water. Not only that, but along the way, vicious mosquitoes managed to bite me as well. It left me with at least half a dozen bites on my body!

Shortly after cruising through the dirt and rocky roads the rain subsided. As we neared the starting point of the trail towards the wetlands, trees began to rustle. Sure enough there were dozens of monkeys jumping from tree to tree around us. Some eating fruits, while others basked in the sun.



In addition to the monkeys, we were very fortunate to see a family of wild boars. As the mother boar trotted ahead of us, little boars skiddaddled after her, slipping along the way. These marvelous and peaceful creatures did not feel threatened by us at all, despite us being so close to it.



Wild boar and its Baby

Other Wild Life:


Chillin’ Lizard

Aside from encountering the wildlife, Pulau Ubin has spectacular scenery. These consisted of a treetop view (where most of the island can be seen) and the wetlands.



From the Tree Top

20140831_162226_Pano   20140831_144528

          The Wetlands                                                  Happy Friends


From the Boardwalk

In general, today was an amazing day. It felt nice to be in the wilderness and taking the time to enjoy the nature and the comforting breeze. Sometimes I forget what it is like to be out of the city. Being away from the city made me realize just how much I have missed it. Simply enjoying the moment and how the world used to be… There’s nothing comparable.


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