National Day

August 9, 2014

Today was Singapore’s National Day. My friends and I went back to the Harbour Front to enjoy Singapore’s demonstration of its military strength and amazing fireworks. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the parade and acquire seats to the stadium where the bulk of the show was suppose to be since it is reserved for the locals. Not only that but the tickets are randomly given out to the residents. Regardless, it was an unforgettable experience. At the start of the celebration, super hornets flew around the city, followed by apaches and a carrier that pulled Singapore’s flags across the sky. Afterwards cannons (blanks) were fired consecutively from military boats. For a country so small, Singapore has a very strong military.

DSC00065  DSC00072

As night took over the city, the show that my friends and I had been waiting for began: FIREWORKS. For once, the city lights were dimmed, and the night sky became lit and covered in colorful explosions. It was perhaps one of the best fireworks I have ever seen!

 DSC00101  DSC00141

After the fireworks show, the celebration continued. The city was covered in white and red lights. Not only that but music could be heard through out the city as people danced the night away!


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