Before we begin…

Welcome to adventures in Singapore!

I am a student from the CO School of Mines, studying abroad at Nanyang Technological University for the Fall 2014 Semester.

Here I hope to go on many adventures, explore Southeast Asia, create unforgettable relationships, become immersed in the various cultures and just take the time to enjoy and appreciate the life around me. For years I have spent time hitting the books, stressing over grades and worrying about my future. Now, it is time to take a break, see the world and reflect on my life.

This blog here will hopefully capture my many adventures…

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my travels and most of all,

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


One comment

  1. I’m glad that you are enjoying your time in Signapore and are making some good friends there. Yesterday I heard a story about a tribe that believes you enter the world with words written on the walls of your soul and that through life these words become evoked, bringing you closer to your true self. This is different from western thought, which teaches that you come into the world an empty book and life writes on the pages. Reading your blog, you seem to know yourself better and keep coming closer to who you actually are. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading!


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